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Career Training

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Our career training programs provide a wide range of training courses for talented candidates from all walks of Israeli society, with a strong emphasis on professional skills development, occupational skills improvement and communication enhancement training in order to successfully integrate into Israel’s high-tech industry.


ExcelHT – Advanced Employment for Arab Israeli academics

Advanced employment for Arab Israelis academics ExcelHT program aims to facilitate the successful vocational integration of Arab Israelis into quality positions in Israel’s high-tech industry.


Skilled Employment for Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Men

This program reaches out to Haredi men who are unemployed or working in jobs that do not match their education or abilities, and who are interested in entering the high-tech workforce.


Technology Accessibility Program (TAP)

TAP provides adults with mental and emotional disabilities with tools for successful employment in the technological market, as a basis for long-term economic independence.


Vocational Training and Job Placement for Single Mothers

This program helps unemployed and underemployed single mothers find IT-related, higher-paying work, by enrolling them in vocational training and soft-skill workshops.


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