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ExcelHT – Advanced Employment for Arab Israeli academics


The Challenge

In 2019 Arab-Israelis make up 21% of Israel’s population yet constitute a mere 1.4% of Israel’s lucrative and booming high-tech industry. Moreover, most Arab high-tech employees are employed in lower-level positions and earn a significantly lower wage than their Jewish counterparts.

The situation of Arab high-tech employees is characteristic of other excluded minority groups in the labor market: lack of relevant social networking and vocational skills, fear of stigma and exclusion, lack of self-promotion skills, cultural differences causing failed job interviews and more. This situation  puts this group at a great disadvantage.

The Answer

The itworks’ ExcelHT program aims to successfully integrate Arab Israelis into quality and well-paying positions in Israel’s high-tech industry.

We also work closely with employers who are committed to diversifying their workforce and who partner with itworks to make this happen.

The Action Plan

The program includes vocational tech training and software programming, soft skills and leadership workshops, English lessons to improve the participants’ technical and business English skills, on-site seminars including visits to leading high-tech companies, as well as personal mentoring and job placement services.  Program graduates benefit from itworks’ support and guidance for three years.

We would like to thank Bank Hapoalim for their partnership and support of this program.

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