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    Technology Accessibility Program (TAP)


    The Challenge

    Employment among people with disabilities in Israel is significantly lower than the general population – 57% vs. 78% respectively. Even among the employed, people with disabilities tend to earn significantly less. In 2017, the standard income per capita for people with a moderate disability was 84% of that of people without; 24% of people with a severe disability and 15% of those with a moderate one reported that they were unable to cover monthly expenses, compared with 8% of people without (Ministry of Justice Commission for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities). The Brookdale Institute found that unemployment and underemployment of people with disabilities are often caused not by the disability itself but by associated obstacles, such as less education, lack in basic skills (computer proficiency, English, etc.), and limited work experience. Much can be done to remedy this situation through appropriate vocational training, counselling, suitable job placement, and support.

    The Answer

    The Itworks’ Technology Accessibility Program (TAP) serves individuals with mental, emotional or cognitive disabilities. Thanks to an unparalleled base of high-tech employers and flexible work models that adjust to the advanced work market’s changing needs, the program consistently reaches the highest quality job placement rates of any other program in the field. TAP’s primary goal is to impart tools for successful, skilled employment to adults with mental disabilities for long-term economic independence. We also seek to change the perception of leading employers regarding people with mental disabilities in skilled positions.

    The Action Plan

    TAP participants take part in vocational training, “soft skills” and career development workshops and personalized coaching, psychological support provided by an occupational psychologist who accompanies participants throughout the program, and personalized job placement assistance.

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