About Excellenteam

Excellenteam in a 3.5-month program for computer science graduates from the Israeli Arabs and Haredi communities. The program provides participants with hands-on technical knowledge, exposure to the industry, help in developing soft skills, and assistance in finding relevant employment .

Whats a Mentors’ Role?

To support a person in their journey to personal and professional development. To Teach them what they don’t know, guide them to ask the questions (questions they haven’t even thought of yet…)

Who is our ideal Excellenteam mentor?

A person who can guide, who has experience

A Role model who can inspire

A person who can give feedback and direction to help the mentee achieve their goals

A good listener

A perons who wants to help

A person with openness to cultural differences

What do Mentors provide?

Support, guidance and encouragement

Career planning & advise

Connections & networking

An inside look into the hi-tech industry: the challenges faced, the opportunities available and a unique perspective

How much time is required?

2 hrs every 2 weeks, afternoon hours, at WeWork JLM.

When does the menortship program start?

November 1st for 2.5 months (total of 6 meetings, 12 hours).

How to get to JLM?

Transportation (taxies) is on us

For more Info:

Tal Morris