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Enterprise Product Owner JB-2497

We provide an end to end solution for organizations protecting their IT network from any type of threat. Our platform include EPP, NGAV, EDR and Hunting capabilities with one sensor and one console, providing our customers a superior. security solution that is easy to maintain. The company is on a high growth path towards an IPO.


We are looking for talents to join our product team in TLV. The job requires a deep understanding of the business requirements and their critical translation to engineering work.


Candidates must have experience in product management, a deep understanding of cyber security, and some form of business experience or experience working with customers of tech products.


Candidates with the following experience will have an advantage succeeding in this role:

Security research experience – have you every hacked something? Played with tools like Metasploit or Cobalt Strike?

Engineering experience – did you write code outside of school? For your own use or as a professional?

Business experience – did you co-found a tech company? A lemonade stand? Have you ever sold tech product? Did you participate in a sale as a technical consultant?

Experience in cyber security – did you work for an endpoint security vendor? Other type of security solution? Did you work in a security service provider or a consulting company.


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