Essek Shave (Equal Business) is cross sector initiative aimed at promoting professional and academic employment of people with a disability, led by the business sector and Joint Tevet Israel. The initiative focuses on three dimensions:

  1. Working with employers on promoting the employment of PWD.
  2. Erecting a network of CEO’s and business people from leading companies to harness peers and promote the cause.
  3. Raising awareness and paradigm shifts via media campaigns and indexes for employment of PWD.

Essek Shave’s target audience are large organizations (200+) operating in finance, insurance, hi tech and communications, striving to integrate PWD in quality, academic positions.

This is achieved by the full commitment and partnership of the management tier and by the following steps:

  1. Assistance in finding quality candidates.
  2. Building a tailor made workplan.
  3. Specific training for managers
  4. Development of unique business models adapted for the organization
  5. Coordination of work with professionals in the field

For more details, or +972-3-688-0338