21.7% of Israel’s citizens live below Israel’s “Poverty Line” (i.e. monthly available income per capita is lower than NIS 2,500). When examining the poverty rate among various segments of society, the sad picture emerges that 55% of the ultra-Orthodox community lives in poverty.

About the program

The Family Advancement Program was established in 2012 in partnership with the Friedberg foundation with the aim of alleviating poverty amongst ultra-Orthodox families through sustainable change. The program’s participants are ultra-Orthodox families living below the poverty line. These families face social, economic, and cultural barriers. Therefore, the organization has been implementing a unique, comprehensive and integrative rehabilitation program that assists these families, who face many challenges and need guidance and advice not only in the fields of employment, but also in the areas of economic and familial conduct.

Progam Goals

  • Poverty alleviation.
  • Equipping each family with tools for long term financial sustainability.
  • Career development.
  • Unifying the family ahead of the challenges ahead.


The following are the results of a study conducted on the program’s activities in 2016 in cooperation with the Dgima Institute and the CI Institute:

  • 97% of participants expressed high satisfaction with the program.
  • 91% of participants would recommend it to friends.
  • 55% of the families increased their wages by at least 20%.
  • 67% of the families reduced the monthly deficit by more than NIS 1,000.
  • 83% of the families settled their debts fully or partially.
  • 52% of unemployed men and 58% of unemployed women joined the labor force.
  • 85% of men work full-time, compared with 73% at the beginning of the program.

As the study data shows, the program is capable of bringing about a significant and lasting change in the lives of participating families and removing them from the cycle of poverty.