Many single mothers in Israel are unemployed or underemployed; thus, poverty is very common among this target population. These women are the sole providers for their families, and they are often unable to fully utilize their vocational potential, due to their unique circumstances.

itworks’ Vocational Training and Placement for Single Mothers program,operated in partnership with Yediut Toronto is offering a comprehensive answer to this challenge. The program includes quality vocational-technological training tracks, soft-skills’ workshops and placement services. The target audience is unemployed or underemployed single women; participants must display prior employment in the last two years prior to entering the program.

 About the program:

The first stage of the program is recruitment. We conduct extensive reach-out efforts to the community with the goal of identifying 20 suitable participants, based on aptitude test results and interviews. The second stage is training. In this stage, participants enter a tech vocatinal training in a variety of tracks which are constructed with an emoployer. The goal is to employ some of the participants later and help the rest find work in other software houses. Courses comprise of 150-220 instruction hours conducted in designated classes and computer labs, two evenings a week. Each class syllabus is designed in conjunction with our industry partners and meets statutory prerequisites. In addition, a 50-hours’ soft-skills training course is provided, covering topics such as developing CVs, job-search skills and interview skills, and includes individual coaching sessions, visits to local companies and meetings with senior HR professionals working in leading high-tech companies. The third stage of the program is placement and career development. itworks‘ staff provides vocational, personal and interpersonal counseling, as well guidance and accompaniment to employers. This stage epitomizes our approach to this program – giving each and every single mother with the means to invest in herself and capitalize on that investment over the long-term.

The program’s successful impact will be determined according to the following outcomes:

  • over 90% of participants complete the program
  • 80% of gardautes will be placed in wuality employment within 3mos of program completion
  • Average monthly salary of 7500NIS, in comparison to current average montly salary 3500NIS
  • 100% of particippants will improve their sense of efficacy and confidence

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