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    Vocational Training and Job Placement for Single Mothers


    The Challenge

    There are 120,000 single parent households in Israel, 90% of which are headed by a woman. Many single mothers in Israel are unemployed or underemployed, thus, poverty is very common among this target population. These women are the sole providers for their families, and they are often unable to fully utilize their vocational potential, due to their unique circumstances. There are many employment programs that bring women to work, but at low wage levels and in professions without promotion opportunities.

    The Answer

    itworks’ Vocational Training and Placement for Single Mothers program offers a comprehensive answer to this challenge. The program reaches out to women who have dedicated their lives to their children and are their household’s sole source of income. We aim to incorporate one hundred unemployed or underemployed women into the program annually.

    The Action Plan

    The program includes quality vocational-technological training tracks, soft-skills workshops (from CV writing to preparing for job interviews, development of self-confidence, contract negotiations, etc.) and job placement services. During the program each participant will be closely guided and supported by the itworks’  project team.

    For each training an employer is identified at the onset of training, with the aim of recruiting itworks’ graduates. The program offers participants three different vocational training courses in technological and IT fields with respectable salaries and prospects for professional development and higher pay.

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