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    Job Placement


    The Challenge

    There are multiple challenges that prevent minorities and marginalized populations in Israel from entering the high-tech workforce. Lack of relevant social networking and vocational skills, fear of stigma and exclusion, lack
    of self-promotion skills, cultural differences and lack of confidence causing failed job interviews, are just a few of the obstacles standing in the way from securing employment.
    There are many educated and talented individuals willing and ready to work, but this “untapped” workforce until now has not had the access or support to properly compete in the high-tech sector.

    The Answer

    itworks’ job placement helps talented job candidates secure dignified positions in core high-tech positions. With a database of thousands job candidates from diverse backgrounds (Arab community, the Jewish ultra-orthodox sector, single mothers, individuals with disabilities, women, etc.) and partnership with more than 150 employers, the job placement program works to fill open positions with talented individuals who too often fall between the cracks and until now have lacked access to these core high-tech positions.

    The Action Plan

    Jobseekers are invited to contact the itworks’ employment coordinators who will find out exactly the type of position they are looking for, share with them the relevant open positions, and guide them through the recruitment process.


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