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    Fulfilling Professional Potential


    Saied Abu-Salih, Beit Jann

    alt Saied Abu-Salih | July 31, 2019

    Saied has a degree in software engineering, is married to Hajida Qablan, and together they have a baby boy named Liam. Saied is one of our Excellenteam program graduates.
    Before itworks, he struggled to find work for a long time, until, he was introduced to the program and immediately recognized the prospect of a better future and went for it with both arms open; it was his chance to enter the high-tech world.
    Saied lives in the far northern village of Beit Jann, and for the opportunity of participating in the program, moved to Jerusalem for 3.5 months, which is a significant sacrifice (especially with a new baby and a first child at home).

    We asked him what he got out of the program:
    “I acquired a lot of tools and skills in the course. It gave me a lot of practical tools that I now use every day.
    It also gave me hands-on experience – I learned how to develop a product, and everything that I learned was very beneficial to me.”

    Recently, Saied started working as a developer at Check Point.

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